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Company party deployment Party excel and work of democratic appraisal of party members
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WASHINGTON December 16 afternoon, the company party branch secretary of meetings held each party secretary Niya Ming presided over the meeting, the annual appraisal summary chuangxianzhengyou Party and the Democratic Party reviewed work plans, informed the collection of membership dues for 2010 .
2010 production and operation of each branch closely around the Party building work centers, serious organization's annual meeting the "five-good" Party branch and the "five-good" party of democratic appraisal summary assessment activities and work. Each branch in the appraisal work, we must adhere to the principle of seeking truth from facts, objective and fair evaluation, should be combined with the democracy within the party to have a good life, through mass appraisal, to strengthen the party's education, supervision and management, and guide Party members to conscientiously find and correct in aspects of the outstanding problems of ideology, style, work, etc., to further improve the overall quality of leadership, strengthen the Party's fighting capacity. Democratic Party reviewed the annual appraisal freeze into good, qualified, unqualified three grades, the Council should focus on five aspects, namely: whether the four cardinal principles, reform and opening up, the important thought of "Three Represents" the scientific development do a good job together, serve the people wholeheartedly; whether a strong sense of professionalism and sense of responsibility to maintain the overall situation of reform and development, correctly handle the relationship between the state, the collective and individual interests; and whether or not effectively the implementation of the Party's decisions, strictly party and government discipline, law of the land, and resolutely do curried; whether close ties with the masses, be concerned about the sufferings of the masses, sincerely work for the interests of the masses, austerity, and make more contributions; whether to exercise the power in their hands correctly, conscientiously perform their duties consciously resist the erosion of decadent ideology, against any abuse of power for personal gain unhealthy. Each branch to democratic appraisal of Party work and study and implement the Party's 17 large and 17 session of the Fifth Plenary Session of the combination of inner-party democracy and have a good life, conduct criticism and self-criticism combined with year-end summary appraisal want to combine to ensure Party summary appraisal to achieve tangible results.

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