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Blue sky and sea company chairman Zhu Jinan to visit and study
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May 31, 2012, the company chairman Zhu Jinan, Ju Wei, deputy general manager of the Zhejiang blue sky and sea Textile Clothing Technology Co., study tours, blue sea, chairman Chen Mingqing and production planning, raw material procurement Department official guided tour.
Founded in 1991, Zhejiang blue sky and sea Textile Clothing Technology Co., Ltd. is the largest and most professional anti-static tooling fabric suppliers. Our products have been covering the country's 25 provinces and cities and autonomous regions, and exported to Europe, America, Japan, Southeast Asia and other countries and regions, leading products for the "Blue Xiang" Conventional and "Blue Xiang • Purcell skin" Peyton antistatic Security tooling fabric. 2010, blue sea and the Chinese Academy of Sciences jointly set up special fabric textile research and development center, the same year in Jiangsu Province Textile Research Institute jointly developed the leading brand Anset conductive fiber with independent intellectual property rights for the company and take the professional road tamp foundation
In the subsequent docking meeting, Zhu, chairman of the blue sea in recent years achieved a breakthrough in terms of research and innovation achievements congratulations and hope that with the continuous development of bilateral cooperation blue sea can grow closer. Blue sky and sea Chen Mingqing chairman, said Yu-lun of the past few years and cooperation is very happy, but the company continues to develop but also to the production of the increasingly high demand for raw materials, demand for yarn is no longer in line with the popular meet ordinary yarn, To ensure the quality of fabrics, blue sea Lun Yu hopes to provide for "Blue Xiang" anti-static fabric Occupational Safety "Blue Xiang" exclusively for yarn. The two sides conducted an in-depth talks and reached consensus.

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