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I officially became a good cotton development (BCI) registered members
Release time:2015-5-5 8:48:30      Views:

Recently I became good Cotton Development Organization (BCI) registered members, registration number 3297, registered members of the company name "Jiangsu Yulun Textile Group Ltd". The company, user friendly units and related information can be viewed by logging BCI official website.
Switzerland Good Cotton Development Organization, its main purpose is to make global cotton cultivation and production is more conducive to cotton farmers planting more conducive environment more conducive to the future development of the industry. BCI is a nonprofit membership association, BCI participate in its activities, the cotton industry and the organization of open supply chain support BCI's mission. These include: cotton production organizations, suppliers and manufacturers (spinners), retailers and brands, as well as civil society organizations. BCI established the following long-term goals: First, to show the inherent interest of the production of "good cotton" to bring farmers, especially economic profitability. The second is to reduce the impact of water and pesticides on human and environmental health. Third is to improve soil health and biodiversity. Fourth, the fight for decent work for the farmers and farm workers groups. Fifth, to promote more sustainable cotton production on global knowledge exchange. Sixth, improve cotton supply chain traceability.
After the company became BCI registered members, we will use good quality cotton, to provide for knitting, weaving using cotton or blended yarn various specifications, including specialty products Yu Lun yarn, yarn ideas Wait. Meanwhile, the company can provide customers with a good production of cotton yarn fabric.

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